Boosting Employee Retention, and How PrideStaff Thousand Oaks Can Help

The U.S. has a retention problem. Approximately 50.5 million people quit their jobs last year. The statistics saythat the “Great Resignation” isn’t over, even though 2023 made the news so far as the year of layoffs, particularly in the tech sector.

We know that there are all kinds of benefits to retaining your workforce. For example, it costs more to hire and train new employees than it does to retain your existing employees. So, how can companies boost employee retention—and how can a staffing agency like PrideStaff Thousand Oaks help?

Why Does Retention Matter?

Look around you. The employees beside you house a lot of company history. They are the culture that everyone works so hard to build. Retention matters to companies, to employees, and even to your customers. Companies should work to retain their existing staff because:

  • It saves your organization money in hiring and training costs.
  • It ensures your institutional knowledge remains intact.
  • It improves productivity because the workers who have been with you the longest are just naturally better at their jobs.
  • It engages your workforce in a stronger company culture.
  • It can give your company an advantage over the competition.

In addition to all these reasons, retaining your workforce is also the right thing to do. Interestingly, staffing agencies play a bigger role in employee retention than you might think. How can a staffing agency like PrideStaff Thousand Oaks help your retention problem?

How Staffing Agencies Help Retain Existing Employees

If you work with a staffing agency like PrideStaff Thousand Oaks, we supply contract, full-time, and contract-to-hire labor. Our services can help retain your staff in the following ways:

  • Providing additional benefits: Staffing agencies offer benefits like healthcare, retirement plans, and paid time off. These benefits increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  • Offering training and development: If an employee is contracted through PrideStaff, we offer training and development opportunities. In this way, your contract workforce has access to resources that help them get ahead in their work while also bringing valuable skills to your team.
  • Helping you find a better fit for an existing team: We understand the necessity of having a good cultural fit. That’s why PrideStaff serves as an extra set of eyes and ears to screen potential employees. Our work helps reduce turnover by ensuring that employees are a good fit for the job requirements, company culture, and the team they’ll join.
  • Helping you hire more quickly: PrideStaff Thousand Oaks helps companies find talent faster. This alleviates some of the extra burdens your teams may face when a job is open and a role unfilled. In these situations, the existing team usually shoulders more of the workload. It’s important to find the right candidate quickly to take the pressure off these teams.

Let PrideStaff be your go-to resource for job candidates. We help companies meet their hiring goals. Contact us today to find out how we can help.