Nieke Renssen

Nieke grew up in Malaysia and studied in the Netherlands earning her Master of Science degree. After graduating, she worked with Philips Electronics, helping to lead their marketing and business development efforts across the globe. From there, Nieke honed her business and leadership skills by launching her own holistic and well-being center. These experiences have allowed her to learn from different cultures around the world and taught  the importance of being flexible and able to relate and adapt to different people. Since moving to Thousand Oaks, Nieke has fallen in love with the area and looks forward to settling down and building a successful organization that contributes to the growth of this area.


Daan Renssen

Daan was born in Africa but has spent time traveling throughout the world. He spent a good deal of time in the Netherlands and earned his Master of Science degree. From there, he worked on international assignments with Philips Electronics and Belkin, spending time in Asia, Europe and the U.S. These experiences have allowed Daan to work in a variety of settings and work with a wide array of people with different backgrounds and cultures. As a marketing, sales and management professional, Daan has seen firsthand the importance of hiring the right people to develop strong teams.