5 Traits of Effective Team Leaders

If you’re like most businesses, you rely heavily on team leaders to motivate and inspire. These professionals play an important role in ensuring you meet your productivity goals. But what makes for an effective team leader? Here are some traits we look for when hiring team leaders for our clients.

What Makes a Good Team Leader?

Every employee is different, but if you’re looking for someone to lead, some characteristics crop up repeatedly in the best team leader candidates. Here are five essential traits that you should look for in your team leader job candidates.

1. Communication is at the top of the list. A good team leader communicates transparently and bridges the gap between employees and management. Look for team leaders who can share goals, expectations, and feedback to team members in a way that motivates but doesn’t tear them down. Good communication also flows across every channel, from written emails or reports to face-to-face communication. We should also note that communicating well also includes the ability to listen carefully as much as you talk.

2. Vision and strategy for the team are essential attributes for a team leader. This strategy can encompass ideas for motivating the team to increase their productivity. A good team leader has the vision to see what improvements lie ahead and how they can improve things for everyone around them. At the same time, a good team leader understands and lives the company’s core values every day.

3. Lead by example. Does your team leader talk the talk and walk the walk? If so, they’re in the right place in your organization to lead an engagement revolution. The best team leaders are role models for the team. They exhibit the attitudes and behaviors that you want everyone to emulate, from being respectful to others to fairness, kindness, and understanding. These leaders lead with the carrot, motivating others without emphasizing harsh punishments or reprimands. Instead, good team leaders do their job well and make every day an example of how to behave, grow, and excel.

4. Decision-making skills are critical to every team leader. Organizations that don’t micromanage these talented individuals can benefit from faster decisions on the ground that have a real impact on team production. Leadership is fraught with tough decisions at every level, but the best team leaders make the job look easy and even fun.

5. Encourage and support the team. Nearly 60% of employees don’t quit their job; they leave their bosses. Team leaders are essential in creating a positive and supportive environment that helps worker retention. A good team leader bridges gaps in understanding between management decisions and front-line employees. Team leaders also encourage employees to take the initiative. Then the team leader gives the employee the resources they need to succeed.

Are you looking for team leaders that exemplify these traits? You’ve come to the right place. PrideStaff has an expansive network of skilled workers that you can add to your team. Let’s start a conversation about how we can help your business. Call on us today.