Three Management Lessons You Can Learn from the World’s Top Leaders

Lessons from World Leaders

If you’re trying to be a better manager, the best news is that hundreds of leaders came before you. Each of these managers overcame challenges to rise to a leadership role. What lessons can you learn from these leaders that paved the way?

Lessons from World Leaders

  1. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky
    How to be a servant leader

    The war in Ukraine made headlines after the Russia invasion. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is leading his country in an unprecedented response to Russian aggression. The President is a direct and clear communicator, working tirelessly to solicit aid from other world leaders while exhibiting extraordinary determination and dedication. We call Zelensky a servant leader, someone who is solely devoted to the cause of freeing his occupied country.


  1. South African President Nelson Mandela
    How to persevere and be resilient
    Nelson Mandela spent 27 years unjustly imprisoned under apartheid. When released, he became South Africa’s first democratically elected president. He symbolizes resilience and endurance for business leaders highlighting how to persist during unbelievable hardship and adversity.


  1. 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
    How to persuade others by using emotional intelligence

It may be hard to believe, but Abraham Lincoln only governed this country for four short years before his assassination in 1865. Lincoln guided a divided country away from the evils of slavery while preserving the United States of America. Lincoln was an orator, leading by clearly articulating his vision of a more perfect union without exploiting other human beings.

What Makes a Good Business Leader
Great leaders vary greatly from the wildly eccentric to the stoic and clean-cut. But all great leaders seem to have these characteristics that set them apart:

  • A sense of vision in the big picture. The best leaders can step back far enough to gain perspective on the state of the company. They can see the path forward, even though it may be curving or cluttered. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is an example of a leader with vision that created something no one else at that time even considered. Online retail wasn’t even a thing when Bezos started out.
  • A willingness to fail. There is an expression in the business world known as “failing forward.” This means every failure pushes you further toward a goal. This happens frequently with entrepreneurs who fail multiple times before they reach success.
  • The ability to trust. The best leaders surround themselves with top quality employees. They do not micromanage but instead leverage the intelligence of the A players they’ve hired to reach their business goals. Steve Jobs was a great example of a leader who brought in the best technology experts in the field to help build his vision. Apple is the result and the company is still a leader in the tech field.
  • Communication skills. Every leader we’ve mentioned in this article has or had an outstanding ability to communicate. Not only is their vision clear, they could paint that vision in a way that motivated others to achieve it.

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