How to Refocus Your Energy Amid an Otherwise Unproductive Day

Some days you have it. Some days you don’t. We’re talking about productivity. Studies show that the average American worker is productive just 2 hours and 53 minutes each day. On your bad days, it may seem like this is an accurate number. But other days, you may feel as if you fly through tasks and accomplish a great deal. The trick, is to figure out how to refocus your energy if your day is going south from a productivity perspective. This blog shares tips on how refocusing your energy can make you more productive even on your worst days.

Four Tips for Refocusing to be More Productive

Don’t multitask

We know you think this is a typo, but to immediately become more productive, just focus on one thing at a time. Research shows us that the human brain was never meant to multitask. Each time you add on a task, the brain loses productivity. To increase your focus, look at all the tasks ahead of you and focus on one thing. Everything else, including emails and texts or social media, must wait until the one task is done.

Stop working

]This is another suggestion that may surprise you. But the truth is sometimes a change of scenery away from work may act as a reset productivity button. Getting up from your chair and away from your computer can give your mind a rest. Or, walking outside around the block on a nice summer day may be exactly what you need to recharge.

Use time blocks

Time blocking your day establishes increments where you work on one key task. For example, you could use the first two hours of your day to work on a critical task. Then you take a 15-minute break. Then use the next two hours (or whatever time increment you need) to work on the next critical task. Save the one-hour time block after lunch when you’re digesting for returning emails or IMs. The trick to time blocking is that you only do the one thing during that time block.

Eliminate distractions

If you’re struggling to regain productivity, the internet probably isn’t your friend. Social media, networking, and of course, TikTok videos, all combine to create a distraction from your daily tasks. Try setting a rule that you cannot focus on anything but the task at hand. Start with a 30-minute increment and stay focused on one task. Then bump the time up another 30-minutes and try it again. There are applications that limit your use of some of these distractions for a specific time period.

We should also mention that these distractions may not have anything to do with social media or texts from your friend. If you work in a busy office or warehouse setting, the distractions can come from your coworkers or even your boss. You can try wearing headphones to block ambient noise. If you have a door, you can shut it. You can also politely tell your coworker you have a ton to do and need to get back to it.

All of these techniques are great for resetting your focus on a day where you’re struggling with productivity. But sometimes, even your best efforts can’t fix a bad or unproductive work environment. That’s where PrideStaff Thousand Oaks can help. We match top employers with employees seeking a career change. Talk with our team today to find out how we can change your work environment for the better.