Three Reasons to Trust a Staffing Provider with Your 2022 Hiring Needs

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It’s a new year, and it might be a time for new partnerships in your business. You’ve probably heard about the labor shortages that are keeping most businesses constantly searching for new talent. In this environment, companies must do all they can to attract job seekers. Here are three reasons why partnering with a staffing agency will be the best thing you can do for your business in 2022.

Staffing Agencies Reduce Your Time to Hire

In 2022, it will be all hands on deck for hiring. Why? The Bureau of Labor Statistics says 11 million jobs opened in October of 2021, during the peak period of the Great Resignation, where more than four million people quit their jobs. For employers, this means that our efforts to find new workers became more challenging. That’s the sweet spot for hiring agencies. Working with a staffing agency is like adding extra hands to your hiring teams. The result is faster hires. In this labor market, how can you afford not to work with a staffing firm?

Extend Your Reach to Better Candidates with a Staffing Firm

Thanks to COVID, the labor market may be forever changed. The hiring challenges you’re facing have been making headlines for months. How can you lessen the risk and increase the odds that you’ll find talent when so many jobs are unfilled? In 2022, you can count on staffing agencies to help you find a better pool of hidden talent. Why? Because staffing experts spend all day making connections with passive job candidates. This constant networking effort ensures that, when these candidates finally are ready to take the plunge into a new job, they’ll think of your business first.

Free Up Your HR Team to Focus on Employee Retention

For many companies, hiring places secondary in the daily list of tasks your HR team has on their list. In today’s competitive employee-driven marketplace, recruiting is clearly a full-time job. Yet many smaller companies do not have a dedicated recruiting team. This means your HR managers must divide their focus between payroll, training, or other staff-related activities that are vital to your business. But that leaves your company vulnerable. Many HR teams are so busy that they rely on candidate applications to fill roles in their company. That no longer works. Today you need dedicated resources to find talent. Without them, there is simply no way you can stay ahead of the hiring curve. However, with a staffing agency partnership, you not only find better candidates proactively and decrease your time to hire you also can free up your HR department to work on retaining the employees you already have.

How do you grow your business team during a labor shortage? The answer is through a partnership with a recruiting agency like PrideStaff Thousand Oaks. We provide expert support to our client partners, working closely with your internal teams to find you the right fit. Don’t kick off your New Year without starting a conversation with our firm. Call on us today.