How to Make Your Team Feel Appreciated this Holiday Season

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

This year your team deserves something special. The COVID-19 crisis, along with the ups and downs of office closures, supply chain issues, kids at home—our list of upheavals over the past year has at times seemed almost endless. To top it all off, you also know that your best-skilled workforce is probably being recruited by your competitors! It’s a crazy time, but you do have an opportunity this year to show your team they matter to you and your business. Here’s how to do it.

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas for Companies

Giving a gift, no matter how small, will mean something this year. It could be a digital gift card or a small note with a physical gift card. You could send a gift basket or provide some other meaningful gift that will make your workforce understand they matter to you.

Share the profits. Assuming your company is profitable, why not give out staff bonuses. It’s possible small companies won’t have that kind of cash on hand. But if you have it, you should share it with your employees to engage them in the success of your business. Nothing builds employee loyalty like a bonus during the holidays!

Ask for feedback from your teams. While a staff survey may not seem like much of a gift, it actually can go a long way to show employees that you’re trying to listen to their feedback. Sending a survey to your employees and then actually following up on their suggestions is a great way to subtly show your workforce that you appreciate them so much you’re actually listening to what they have to say. To take it a step further, why not draw up an annual improvement plan for the business based on employee suggestions?

Give the gift of time off. Having extra time off, particularly around the holidays can really make your employees appreciative of your effort. You could also offer employees more flex time. For example, why not let employees take a Friday afternoon off as flex time to get things done during the holidays? You could even tie it as a reward for increased production—or just because you care about your workers.

Say thank you. Sometimes just the simple act of saying thanks is something that many employers overlook. But you should say thanks and say if frequently. There are even studies that show employee productivity increases when managers and business owners tell their employees how much they appreciate them. Train your managers to do this often and in creative, heartfelt ways, and watch how your teams and culture begin to change.

Now here’s the challenge. You may spend some extra time and money during the holidays thanking your workforce. But what if you let 2022 be the year you increase your gratitude as a regular part of your business. The holidays are not the only times you should thank your teams.

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