Make Your First Day of Work a Success With These 4 Tips

Your first day of work is a big deal! It’s your chance to make a good first impression on the people you’ll be working with day in and day out. Years from now, they’ll probably still be able to recall that first time they met you. So make that first impression count! And be ready for anything that first day—you might be working or you might be sitting in orientation. Here are four tips to make your first day of work a success.  

Dress appropriately 

Plan your outfit ahead of time and make sure each article of clothing is clean and pressed. Dress to the level that matches your company’s culture—you probably made some mental notes about dress code when you interviewed, but if not, you can check out pictures on their website or ask someone who works thereIf you need some new clothes, buy them ahead of time and make sure things fit you right.  

Plan your commute 

You’ve probably already driven to your new workplace, but do you know what that commute’s like at rush hour? Practice your trek and leave ten minutes earlier than you think you need to on your first day. It’s better to be early than on time or late and you never know whether you’ll hit traffic or bad weather. If you take the bus or train, make sure you know the schedules and the routes so you take the right ones.  

Be friendly  

This is your chance to make friends, so be friendly. Smile, shake hands, use eye contact, and do your best to remember names. Your new coworkers will want to learn as much as possible about you, so make sure you’re asking questions about them too. You’re much more likable if you’re genuinely interested in other people and can remember details about them. And if someone invites you to lunch or to go to coffee those first few days, do it! It’s a great way to get to know people. But bring a lunch or snacks in case that doesn’t happen or it’s expected that you work for lunch. You don’t want to get hangry on that first day! 

Do some research 

Re-visit the company’s website and refresh your memory about their mission and some of their key personnel. You should know if they’ve been in the news lately or have had some recent successes or failures. Know who you report to, who you’ll be working with, and exactly what your job description is. Look through any email exchanges you’ve had with your new employer and any paperwork you have. Are there things you need to fill out before that first day? Do you need to bring a photo ID or direct deposit information? Bring anything you need to and prepare paperwork ahead of time so you can direct all your time and attention to learning on that first day. 

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