7 Wellness Ideas You Can Try in Your Workplace

As a manager, you want your employees to be healthy. In fact, you need them to be healthy. Illnesses can affect your productivity, efficiency, and your whole company culture. Frequent absences mean that work doesn’t get finished while other employees grow frustrated. And if sick employees are actually coming to work, they’re probably not operating at full capacity and might be spreading germs around the office! Here are seven wellness ideas you can try in your workplace.  

Have health foods delivered  

So much of our physical and mental health is affected by what we eat, so do your best to provide as much healthy food as possibleArrange regular deliveries of fruits, vegetables, trail mixes, and healthy nuts in place of your standard vending machine chips and candy. And give it up for free so your employees will actually eat it.  

Provide gym memberships  

Many gyms and health clubs will negotiate corporate discounts, a nice perk that would encourage your employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it’d be a great way to attract talented job candidates when you’re hiring. And if you have the means and the space, a sports court or a mini-gym right on your premises would be a great way to facilitate some exercise. Can you imagine how much fun a pick-up basketball game would be each day at lunchtime? 

Get a bike rack  

Your employees are much more likely to bike to work if there’s a safe place to store bikes during the day. Provide some reading materials about the benefits, both physical and environmental, of biking to work. Maybe free bike locks would be a fun employee giveaway. 

Have a healthy potluck  

People love food at work! Invite your employees to a potluck lunch and have them bring healthy dishes and exchange healthy recipes. If you host a catered lunch instead, peruse the menu beforehand and make sure it’s full of healthy, nutritious choices. 

Have a walking club  

Encourage your employees to take walks during their lunch or break times. Form a club that commits to walking, so that people can socialize while they walk. If there are walking trails nearby and if there are, post maps of the trails. Tell your team to keep a pair of sneakers at work and hold meetings on the walking trail. 

Use the steps 

Set a good example by taking the steps instead of the elevator and inviting some of your employees to do the same. Squeeze in that exercise any chance you get! 

Hold a yoga class  

It doesn’t have to be anything formal. Even a casual stretching group before work in the morning or during lunch can be a great way to stimulate blood flow and relieve tension. Anytime an employee seems stressed, encourage them to stretch out their arms, neck, and back—something they can do right at their desks. 

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