Simple Employee Appreciation Ideas to Try Today

At this point, we all know that employee turnover is costly. And we want to do whatever we can to reduce it. It means keeping employees satisfied, and fortunately, it doesn’t mean that we need to give everyone a raise as soon as you sense any angst. The real solution is much cheaper than that. All you need to do is recognize your team and appreciate their efforts. It’s that simple. Here are some simple employee appreciation ideas that you can try immediately.

Make a Plan

The first step is to make a feasible, practical plan in advance. Otherwise, you risk doing things haphazardly or randomly, which means you might forget someone and not everyone will feel necessarily feel appreciated. Instead, be more systematic about it, so you make sure it happens and you’re not scrambling at the last minute and end up doing something impractical or costly. Pick out a few ideas that you can spread out throughout a month or year to express your sincere appreciation.

Facilitate Peer Appreciation

Sometimes appreciation is more meaningful when it comes from a coworker instead of a manager. Let them pass on some kind words in a meeting or more privately. It might mean passing along a trophy or other type of token, just to bring some accomplishments, significant effort, or improved skills to everyone’s attention.

Use Social Media

Every once in a while, post something on your company’s social media page that recognizes an individual or a whole team accomplishment. Describe all the hard work they put in and how important their effort is to the health of your company. If your company doesn’t have social media, post a sign somewhere. Add balloons or streamers for extra flare.

Customize the Reward

Show that you’re genuinely interested and concerned for your team by selecting rewards are treats that are tailored for the individual and their unique interests. You might select a bottle of wine, a gift card to a local coffee shop for a caffeine junkie, or something else that reflects their hobbies or passions.

Say Thank You

This seems obvious, but it’s amazing how often it gets overlooked as managers try to do something more elaborate. Say thank you in real-time, as soon as you observe an achievement or impressive effort. If you can’t say it right then and there, put it in a thank you note. It doesn’t have to be a fancy card, it can be a quick post-it note or even an email.

Bring in Treats

Pick up some donuts, muffins, or coffee to put in the break room in the morning. Or treat everyone to a pizza lunch. Explain to your team that you’ve noticed how hard they’ve been working lately and you think they deserve a treat.

There are so many other options out there—time off, a bonus, company swag, an all-star bulletin board, and more. For more tips on appreciating your employees, contact Pridestaff Thousand Oaks today.