What Can You Do About a Negative Online Review?

No matter how great your company is, you’re bound to get a negative review here and there. It might be an angry or emotional employee who left an unfair review. And that’s a problem because almost 61% of job seekers say they check websites like Glassdoor before making a decision about a company. So it’s important to make sure you have a stellar online reputation. Here’s what you can do about a negative online review.

Sleep on it

Before you reply at all, sleep on the issue. If you respond as soon as you read the negative comment, you risk peppering your reply with your own emotions. You might be angry and defensive and people can read that in your tone—not a good way to come across. After you’ve slept on it, ask your team, one person at a time, for some honest feedback on the issue. Find out whether the complaint is valid and what truth there is to the statement.

Acknowledge the issue

Don’t ignore the problem. Publicly respond with a “thank you” and address each point the person made in their comment. Explain how you’ve been working to solve the issue and mention some positive points about your company and its culture, so people can see it really is a great place to work. And have the response come from your company’s CEO or someone equally powerful so it’s more impactful and legitimate. And be sure someone proofreads it before you post it!

Get more positive feedback

Create an employer account for Glassdoor or Indeed or whatever avenue the negative review as come through. Through that account, you can reply to other reviews, both positive and negative, and share the positive aspects of your company. In other words, with your own account, you can control the narrative instead of letting other peoples’ comments determine your reputation.

Show off your culture

To counteract some of the negative reviews, do your best to show off the good parts of your culture—your mission statement, your commitment to service, celebrations, and awards when your team meets its goals. Encourage your current employees to leave positive reviews that present a true picture of your company, but don’t force them! Readers will always be able to tell when people aren’t being sincere, plus your employees will resent being forced to make the effort and they might say something you don’t want them to.

Be authentic

As you craft replies, respond to each one individually and honestly. Don’t use stock, generic replies that you copy-paste all over the site. Show that you care, that making your workplace a desirable place to work is important to you, and that you’re willing to take time to consider making changes. When your employees depart on good terms, ask them to consider leaving a positive review of your company.

For more tips on creating your company’s positive reputation, contact Pridestaff Thousand Oaks today.

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