Does Your Work Environment Encourage Productivity?

Employee productivity is important. When things are going well and your team is churning out a quality product, you probably don’t even think about it a lot. But when there’s a bump in the road and nothing’s going as it should be, it’s time to hit that productivity button. Here’s how you can make sure your work environment is encouraging productivity.

Establish values

Before you can expect your employees to be doing what you want them to, communicate your values and long-term goals. Sometimes you’d rather them spend a few extra minutes chatting with a customer when they could be processing reports because you value strong relationships with your customers. Take time to share those values and expectations with your team, so they can focus their time accordingly.

Have realistically firm deadlines

Determine what milestones and markers your team should use to measure progress and success. Make timelines for your projects that are realistic and attainable to keep your team motivated. If they feel like they have too much to do in a short time, chances are they won’t even try. They’ll check out and dawdle around knowing they have no chance at meeting the deadline and reaching success.

Hold employees accountable

Clear, meaningful consequences will help your employees stay driven and making progress. When they reach a goal, reward them with constructive feedback, praise, increased responsibility, or even a promotion. If they fail to meet a goal, they might have to stay late to achieve it, not get a promotion or bonus, or simply get some constructive feedback about how to improve next time. The right incentives will keep employees motivated and aligning their priorities with yours as they allocate their time for the day.

Don’t micromanage

Though you want to be available when an employee needs to vent or needs a nudge in the right direction, empower your team with the right tools, resources, and decision-making ability so that they can be successful on their own. If you make them check in with you every little step of the way, they won’t be able to work as efficiently as they could on their own. On the other hand, when you trust them to make decisions autonomously, they’ll feel trusted, respected, and more confident.

Celebrate successes

This is an easy one to forget, and although it might seem minor, it’s pretty important. When you praise your employees, either privately or publicly, they know that their efforts are appreciated, their hard work is paying off, and they’re going to continue to go above and beyond to keep those successes coming. If you ignore the successes, they’ll start to wonder why they’re trying so hard, and eventually, will disengage and grow resentful.

Prioritize training

Keep your employees prepared and empowered by training, retraining, and promoting them when they’re ready. New challenges will keep them engaged and motivated, especially when they know there’s a chance for promotion ahead. And the right professional development and career advancement will keep them loyal to your company.

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