Why You Need to Promote Teamwork

Teamwork is a buzzword that will probably never die. You can facilitate teamwork retreats for your staff, post inspiring quotes and posters around the office, and structure your projects and accountability to encourage it. There are countless books and podcasts about it, and it’s even taught to small children early and often. Here’s why teamwork is important and why you need to embrace it.

Teamwork is counterintuitive

This one is debatable. Some people are just naturally team players, but many others are born to be competitive, cutthroat, and individualistic—which is good in some work environments but can be detrimental for others. Either way, it never hurts to make teamwork a priority for your staff so that the whole concept becomes second nature to everyone.

Encourages communication

If everyone keeps teamwork in the forefront of their minds, frequent communication and sharing information will come naturally to your team. If your team doesn’t realize they’re supposed to be working together and collaborating, they’re more likely to hoard crucial information, data, and statistics that their colleagues might need to do their jobs. You can speed up this communication process by facilitating uniform information sharing. In other words, encourage backing up files on the cloud or making sure your whole team is using the same chat and discussion platforms. Hold in-person meetings frequently enough so that people are comfortable around each other. When there’s animosity or unspoken hostility, people tend to clam up, not wanting to contribute or help someone they’re mad at.

Improves efficiency

Greater teamwork means greater efficiency. Your team will have a sense of urgency to get things done, work for one another to make their colleagues’ jobs are easier and prioritize team goals above their own personal ambitions. So, work will get done faster, goals and objectives will be met ahead of schedule, and your business will grow.

Boosts productivity

And of course, better efficiency means better productivity. When everyone’s working harder and faster, the direct result is more revenue and profits. Everyone has the same goals—even people who have individual career ambitions can advance themselves by pursuing team goals and working hard. It’s hard to move up in a company if you’re working against the rest of the team. So, reward team and individual accomplishments to keep people motivated.

Celebrations become sweeter

Yes, it’s fun to celebrate any achievement, but there’s something about team achievements that are even better. Everyone’s excited and proud of their efforts at the same time. Rewarding a team accomplishment is a lot more fun and motivating than an individual one. There’s a sense of camaraderie and shared efforts that inspire and strengthens future endeavors.

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