Six Ways to Make Your Business Known While It’s Still Growing


Every business has to start somewhere, right? You’re looking to grow—hiring more employees and trying to snag more business. But it seems like those new customers will only trust larger, more established companies. So, how can you make your company seem like a bigger, more credible organization when you’re still a small business? Here are six ways to make your business known while it’s still growing.

Have a real address

Even though you might still be running your business out of your house, don’t list that as your main address. First, it’s not safe to make your home address so public. And second, it sounds a lot more legitimate if you have a street address that doesn’t sound residential. Check out the option of renting a P.O. box from your local post office or your local UPS store. Some services will even scan your mail and email it to you, so you don’t have to pick it up every day.

Use bigger invoice numbers

Don’t start your invoices with #1 so you have small numbers for months and months—it makes you look inexperienced and doesn’t build a lot of confidence in your ability. Most invoicing software, like PayPal and QuickBooks, let you choose your invoice numbers, so choose something higher that makes you sound more experienced.

Use a telephone system

A PBX is a telephone system that allows you to switch calls between several lines while allowing all your employees to share the same phone system. And you can do it using cloud-based options like Skype. You can choose your number, have multiple extensions, and have a virtual answering service.

Don’t use a formal title

You’re a small company. Yet you’re the CEO. So why are you doing every single task within a company? In a larger organization, would the CEO really be fetching coffee for new clients? Or answering the phones? Don’t give away your title on your business card or email signature line so you don’t reveal how small your company really is.

Monitor your website

Your website might be the first and only thing your customers see about you. It’s available 24/7, around the world, to anyone and everyone. A high-quality, professional-looking website will make all the difference in making your company seem credible and trustworthy. Hire a professional web designer or invest a few hundred dollars into a website like WordPress. Include essential information like your address, phone number, email addresses, a “contact” form, and if applicable, an online store.

Become an LLC

By converting your company to an LLC, you can create the rules that govern your business, so they don’t fall under the laws and regulations of the state. And members are protected from liability, so you’ll never be personally liable for any judgments or debts against the company.

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