Ways to Manage Your Teams Productivity

Managing a team of many personalities and skill sets can be challenging. There are often disagreements, miscommunications and misunderstandings, and if you’re not careful, they can set you back, kill morale and crush productivity. But if you can get everyone on the same page, aiming toward those long-term goals, you’ll be in good shape. Here are eight ways to manage your team’s productivity.

Give them ownership

Let your employees make their own decisions and without micromanaging, hold them accountable for their work. This sense of responsibility impacts how seriously they’ll take their decision-making, knowing their actions can impact the performance of the entire team. They’ll also recognize that you trust them, which builds their self-esteem.

Clearly define expectations

You have to make your expectations clear—when employees aren’t as productive as they could be, it’s often because they didn’t understand the expectations set before them. When you communicate weekly and monthly goals, be very specific, providing clear descriptions and giving employees the chance to ask questions.

Know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses

Every employee has strengths, weaknesses and hidden skills, and it’s your job to learn them and keep them in mind when you’re assigning tasks and projects. Make the best use of their knowledge and expertise, so everyone can make a contribution to the workplace.

Do some team building

Your team’s ability to collaborate doesn’t just depend on how well they get along—it’s also a reflection of their ability to trust each other, their knowledge of one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and how well they interact. Incorporate some fun team-building activities that build trust, camaraderie and communication.

Provide a good work environment

Your physical space is important—comfortable furniture, lots of lighting, windows, some plants and flowers all make a big difference. So does a positive, upbeat environment – which starts with you. If you’re enthusiastic and energetic, your team will be too.

Incentivize them

Most workers say they feel more motivated to do their best work when they have an incentive – think cash, gift cards, paid vacation, some extra days off or free meals. When your team feels they’re appreciated, they feel more invested and more loyal to your company.

Award praise

Employee recognition is important. Even if you don’t always do it publicly, like in a team meeting or using your company’s social media, you should show your appreciation for all their efforts. An employee who feels valued will feel more secure and more loyal to your company.

Give and receive feedback

Put procedures in place that will set expectations for communication. This might mean weekly staff meetings, frequent one-on-one check-ins or regular email briefings. This is your chance to give praise and offer constructive criticism to your employees while also allowing them to ask questions, voice their concerns and share their ideas. Open dialogues put everyone on the same page and make collaborating easier than ever.

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