How to Choose Among Multiple Candidates

What a wonderfully complicated problem to have: You’ve gone through your rounds of interviews and you actually have several incredibly qualified candidates to choose from, each with good experience but bringing something slightly different to the table. As you sit looking at each of their resumes, you think to yourself, How on earth do I make this decision? If only a coin had more than two sides! Before you break out your six-sided die to make your choice, consider these options first.

  • Figure out what you truly need. If you have more than one great candidate but one of them has a bit more experience in a certain area you think will become pertinent later on, you want the person who can best meet that need. Really focus on the candidate’s’ skills and background — if necessary, talk to their references to get details on how well candidates utilize a particular skill. Ask yourself, What is the ONE thing I need most in a hire? Whoever best fits your needs gets the position.
  • Gauge enthusiasm. Sometimes it really comes down to who seems to want it most. Have candidates come in for a brainstorming meeting or have them present something to the team. How eager do they seem to be part of it? Do they move their schedules around so they can be there? Do they engage with other employees and seem excited about contributing? By looking at these sorts of responses, you’ll have a fairly clear idea of who wants it most.
  • Look at cultural fit. Many employers feel cultural fit is just as important as experience or skill sets — if you can’t comfortably work with someone, the company and team will never run smoothly. Have they worked in offices with similar atmospheres to yours or do they seem to come from companies with a different social makeup? Some places even invite potential hires out to happy hour to see how they interact with the rest of the employees…it makes sense to hire someone whom you feel comfortable with and vice-versa.

It may rank as one of the better problems to have, but choosing among qualified candidates can actually bring on stress. To help you relieve it, reach out to the PrideStaff Thousand Oaks staffing experts to help you choose from among the best.