Is Your Job Search Strategy Outdated?

As you search for your next job, you probably use a few tried-and-true methods: scour the online job boards (thank you, Indeed and Monster!), maybe send out tons of unsolicited resumes to places you’d like to work, and apply everywhere — hey, when you play the job lottery, you have to increase your odds, right? Maybe not.

Those tried-and-true methods don’t ring so true today; in fact, those outdated methods will probably get your resume tossed into the recycle bin, either real or virtual. So, what can you do to distinguish yourself from the inches-thick pile?

  • No more lemming behavior. Know who else applies to the online positions on job boards? EVERYONE. When a resume gets less than ten seconds of reading on average, sending yours in with hundreds of others doesn’t really make you stand out. Want to make yourself known in a good way? Go back to truly old-school ways and hand-deliver a hard copy of a resume (always offer to email it as well) to the office. Or make a phone call/send a personal email with a professional but catchy heading. Apply in a way that makes you stand out; that makes you memorable in the most positive way.
  • Avoid the generic. You painstakingly crafted your cover letter and resume, so now you’re set, right? Not quite. Do your research with every position you apply to and tweak that resume so the keywords from the job description are sprinkled in and the focus aligns with the description of skills and duties as well. And know that recruiters and HR folks can spot a generic cover letter from a mile away…their primary impression of you goes along the lines of thinking you’re just like anyone else: unremarkable and forgettable.
  • Let someone do the work for you. Ever think of contacting a staffing agency? Agencies, like PrideStaff, make it their job to help you find a job. They have connections with companies already in place, plus they hear about positions that aren’t going to make it to the job boards…at least not until the people who work with PrideStaff get first crack at them. They will help you with your resume, job goals, type of office, and type of position. Why not go to the experts who make it their mission to connect the right employer with the right employee?

Revamp your job search by working with PrideStaff. They stay current on trends, companies and job openings, and they’ll help you stand out as the best version of yourself.