Don’t Have All of the Qualifications for the Job? Just Be Confident

Exhibiting Confidence During a Job Search | PrideStaff Thousand Oaks

Confidence can help you land the job. It’s a catch-22 for candidates trying to break into a new field. How can they break into the field if they lack experience? The answer is to “fake it till you make it.” If you exhibit determination and confidence, you will have a better chance of landing the job.

Confidence and Your Job Search

If you feel like, in your heart, that you’re ready to take on this new job, then you probably are. The first thing to keep in mind is that you are in a candidate’s market. This means candidates have more options and more job opportunities than ever before. These days, employers are so desperate for top talent that they will be flexible on their job requirements for many candidates—that is, as long as they’re confident of their ability to do the job.

One of the things you can do before the interview to make you feel more confident is to thoroughly research the company and the job itself. Start thinking strategically about the strengths you bring to the table. Look for phrases in the advertisement such as “or equivalent experience.” That’s a flag that the employer is more flexible in who and what they’re looking for.

But is it worth it to even apply if you don’t have all the qualifications? We know it takes courage to apply when you don’t think you’re a fit. On the other hand, if you are excited about the role, why not write a killer cover letter expressing your enthusiasm for the position and how you absolutely will not let them down if they’ll let you get a foot in the door.

How to Land an Interview Even if You Don’t Meet All of the Qualifications

If you’ve ever gotten excited about a job title then had a sinking feeling that you don’t meet all the qualifications listed in the job description, here’s some advice to consider: Most of these ads are laundry lists of qualifications that usually aren’t covered by any candidate. We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous job descriptions with long and complex requirements and no one on earth will probably meet all of them. So, follow these tips when applying for the job:

  • Focus on the transferrable skills that you do have. Be confident in the abilities you offer. If your skills are in the ballpark, these days, most employers will want to hear from you.
  • Use your social network to see if you can get a leg up on other candidates by talking to someone that works in the company. This can give you incredible insights into the culture and what’s important to the employer. Then you can emphasize those skills when applying to the job.

Calculate how much of the job description you do meet. If it’s 50% or more, you should have the confidence to apply to it. Try reading between the lines to understand what skills you have that could really be important to the employer and then go for it.

Our best tip, however, is to connect with a firm like PrideStaff Thousand Oaks. Send us your resume. We can provide valuable insight on your credentials, talk with you about interviewing, and perhaps even offer details on the employer and how you might be a fit. Talk with our team today.

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