I Don’t Love My Job But I Don’t Have The Experience to Leave. What Do I Do?

What happens if you hate your job but you can’t quit because you don’t yet have enough experience. It’s a potentially frustrating situation because you feel stuck. It can make you depressed or angry, but you don’t feel like there’s much you can do about it yet. What should you do? 

I Hate My Job but I’m Stuck

There’s research out there that shows no amount of pay is worth a job you don’t likeThe data shows us that hating your job can lead to weight gain, illness, mental health issues, stress, lost sleep, and generally just a bad situation for you and your health. What can you do?  Psychology Today came up with a few ideas to help you cope and plan your next move.

Here’s What You Can Do

  • Start thinking of this job as a stepping stone or a “means to an end.” (At least this means there is an end!) Take your tenure at this job in increments and set your goal for three months. See what you can do to improve your outlook there for that three months. Then, if you can’t find the right next job, set another three-month incremental goal to stick it out. Keep doing this until you find the right fit for your next career move. 
  • Use the employer for experience and knowledge. Take on as much responsibility as you can, while knowing this is building your resume and giving you valuable experience. Taking on more responsibility will create a persona of being a team player. As you’re doing this, think about the co-workers or managers who will see your good work and potentially become good references later on. This may even lead you to a different job within the organization which you may even like better than the one you have now. 
  • During this time, grow your professional network. Make it a goal to add five new, influential people to your LinkedIn page every month. Have real conversations with these connections so that you understand their role in their companies. Try to build up your visibility on the platform by commenting and posting regularly. In the meantime, work on your resume and keep it updated. Stay positive and keep your eyes open for new opportunities.  

Use this time to build your skills. Does the employer offer educational benefits? By all means, go after any credentialing that you’ll need to sweeten your resume so that employers will eagerly look at your skills as a positive.  

Try to keep your chin up. The reality is that nothing lasts forever. Jobs come and go. If your goal is to move from the idea of a “j-o-b” to more of a professional home and this current role doesn’t fit, try not to fret. There is light at the end of this particularly dark tunnel. Focus on moving forward by charting your career goals. If you can do that it will give you some faith that a great career is out there waiting for you—you just need to find it. 

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