5 Hiring Challenges and How to Overcome Them

There’s a big demand right now for warehouse workers. That means you’ll face some hiring challenges such as an inability to keep up with the need for skilled workers.

We have five of the most common hiring challenges we see today and how you can overcome them. 


You can’t find enough talent.

Despite the fact that unemployment is high, many warehouses, logistics, and supply chain organizations continue to struggle to find workers. The reasons may include fear of COVID or the need for more flexible scheduling when children are being educated at home. Many companies are turning to staffing partnerships to help widen their efforts to find workers. Staffing teams have strong networks and knowhow to leverage them to find talent. 

Your team is struggling to keep up.

HR teams have faced unprecedented challenges this year. We’ve scrambled to prepare our workplaces for COVID-19 and experienced the stresses of the up and down economy. On top of all our regular duties related to hiring, terminations, payroll, evaluations, compliance, and onboarding, these new set of tasks have caused many hiring teams to struggle in the current environment. But what if you could cut the time spend on sourcing and hiring candidates? That’s the biggest benefit of partnering with a staffing agency. We can take over hiring so that you can focus on strategic initiatives to help your business. 

Retention is a big problem.

You may be losing candidates even before they can make it to a job site. Are you spending too much time on processes that should be shortened? You’re also losing good workers to competitors and not getting the volume of applications to fill the roles you need. The solution to all of these issues is PrideStaff. By speeding up your time to hire you will lessen the risk that you lose qualified candidates.  

High turnover is a plague on the business.

Setting the right expectations for the candidates is an important part of the recruiting role. If you fail in this endeavor you will likely turnover staff fast. This can lower staff morale and put your business behind the curve. PrideStaff works closely with hiring teams to ensure the candidates you hire are the employees that will stick around. 

You’re hiring employees that don’t fit your culture.

No matter the industry, hiring for cultural fit is a huge part of a successful employee process. How can you determine if the candidate has the right belief system, personality, and behaviors for your organization? Your staffing agency should understand the values of your organization and then seek candidates that fit well within this framework. Leveraging behavioral interview questions and conducting thorough background checks are just two ways we clients successfully hire the right kind of workers for their organizations.  

PrideStaff is standing by to help you with your hiring needs. Our team of experienced experts has top talent already build into our networks. Talk with our team today about how we can help your business in the new year. 

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