Make 2021 The Year to Improve Your Career

t’s easy to fall into entropy when the world feels so uncertain. We know many unhappy employees are afraid to change jobs right now because the market is shaky and they feel lucky just to have a job. But the truth is that you deserve to be happy in your work. If you’ve been saying you need to find a new job, here are some tips to make a leap in 2021. 

Changing Your Job in 2021 

There are all kinds of internal and external factors that could prompt your interest in finding a new job. You might hate your boss or feel like you deserve a better income. The hours could be long and the rewards short. You could simply be bored and ready for a change. Either way, the first step toward making 2021 the year to improve your career is to conduct some self-reflection on what you want and need in your next job. Think about: 

What do you want in your next job?

What are your career goals? What kind of environment do you like? If you can imagine the kind of job that would keep you coming to work each day, are there certain skills you’ll need to be considered for that type of role? For example, if you’re seeking a move up to management, what kinds of skills and qualifications will be important to secure this role. 

Reflect on your overall career.

Are you content with just a job or do you want room for advancement? What went well this year in your current job? Are there opportunities to advance in your current position or are you at a dead-end?  

Keep moving forward.

It’s never a bad idea to sit down with a pen and paper and map where you’ve been and where you want to go. If you’re searching for a higher income, start proactively planning a series of moves that will help you get where you want to go. What kind of roles pays the best in your industry? What skills will you need to get there? Think about (and write down) your current skills and compare them to the skills you’ll need to work in those high paying roles. Consider how you can earn those skills and then map a plan for getting there. 

It will be easier to stay comfortable in your current job. However, 2021, like all New Years, can bring new opportunities in the market. Moving outside your comfort zone is really the only way to continue to advance your career. The key is self-reflection and proactive planning to help you get there.  

The first step toward a better career is reaching out to PrideStaff. Send us your current resume and we will take a look. There are no fees to stop you from benefiting from our expertise either. Our excellent employers pay for this service. 

If you’re thinking about changing your life with a better job in the New Year, PrideStaff can be your hiring partner to help you meet your goals. Contact us today. 


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