We are in a tight job market. There are tons of opportunities for job seekers which means that it’s up to recruiters and hiring managers to make their company appeal to the top candidates. And settling for a mediocre candidate can be a mistake. A bad hire can cost your company money, time, and morale, so finding the right candidate is essential. Here are some tips for hiring in a tight job market when jobs are plentiful.


Pay More

This is an obvious solution. If you want people to compete to work for you, offer them a lot of money to do so. Workers are scarce, so you have to do what you can to attract them to your team. But don’t let that be your only solution—many jobseekers are forfeiting higher salaries for other perks, like remote work, benefits packages, flex scheduling, and more.


Broaden Your Requirements

Are there specific requirements you’re looking for that you can toss out? You might have to advertise in specific markets where you usually don’t or you might have to offer some unique but desirable perks, like working from home a few days each week. People love the chance to improve their work-life balance.


Train Employees

If you’re still not finding job candidates that have all the required skills, training, and experiences, consider someone who’s not totally qualified. Hire someone who’s really passionate and genuinely excited about working for your company and train them in what you need them to know and do. This way, you avoid hiring a bad fit and you make a big impression with that new hire. They’ll appreciate that you saw potential in them and had enough faith to give them a shot and invest in training. Ideally, they’ll be grateful and stay loyal to your company.


Rearrange Your Employees

If you can’t find the perfect employee, consider rearranging your employees and shifting responsibilities in such a way that you don’t need to hire anyone new. For example, you might have jobs and tasks that are antiquated and can be performed by technology instead of people. In fact, if you have a vacancy that lasts for an extended period of time, look at it as an opportunity to reevaluate which tasks are essential and which you can do without. Then, only hire someone new if you absolutely need to.


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