3 Ways to Build Loyalty in Your Employees

As a new generation of workers overtakes the workforce, companies need to keep up with changing needs and demands to attract new employees and maintain the loyalty of their old ones. When so many employees are quick to leave a job for a new opportunity, employee loyalty is more important than ever. Your best employees, no longer satisfied with just a paycheck, might leave and it’s increasingly expensive to replace them. Most of today’s workers want to be heard and they want growth and development. Here are three ways to build loyalty in your employees.

Ask for feedback

Your employees want to know that you value and respect their opinions and ideas, so take the time to build authentic relationships with them. Establish a feedback loop with regular check-ins and coaching sessions. Ask your employees how they’re doing, what they need to be successful, and for any innovative ideas they might have. Support them, help them problem solve—without micromanaging, of course—and praise their successes and efforts.

Be honest with them

As a manager, you’re a coach, leader, mentor, and company liaison committed to boosting productivity and developing talent. All of those roles require honesty. Share the information they need to be successful. And give them honest feedback so they can get better. Have those difficult conversations with them when you offer constructive criticism or confront them about a problem. Remember that if you’re honest with them and respect them, they’ll trust you and be honest with you in return.

Help them improve

One of the most important reasons to be honest with your employees is so you can help them get better. Sometimes you’ll have an employee who’s struggling. Maybe they were recently charged with a challenging project. Or maybe they’re having personal problems at home that are distracting them at work. Or maybe they’re simply bored and need new responsibilities. Either way, you’ll need to have that open and honest conversation with them to help them be productive again. And show them that you’re committed to their development and improvement. If you show that you have faith in your employees—enough faith to invest in their professional growth and development—they’ll be loyal to you.

In other words, show your employees that you respect and value them. Build their confidence, respect their efforts, and help them fulfill their ambition. When you show you’re loyal to them, they’ll be loyal to you. For more tips on building a supportive community culture, contact PrideStaff Thousand Oaks today.