Hiring for Loyalty

You went through the hiring process, you found the top candidate, took the time to hire and onboard the person. They seemed like a great fit…and then left for another position within a year. While you want the best person for the job, you also want someone you can count on to stick around rather than using you as a stopgap before moving on. So how do you gauge loyalty when hiring?

  • You bear some responsibility. From an employee standpoint, you need to present your company as place they want to be loyal to. So, examine your own brand — how strong is it? Do you have a clear mission they can see themselves getting behind? Do you use your website and other social media to encourage them to join your company? Leverage your brand as much as possible as you hire: in the job description; on the career page; and in the interview itself. Loyalty comes from a desire to be a part of something, so make sure your company inspires that.
  • Find out what’s important to them. You need to know before hiring why this person wants the job. It goes hand in hand with branding: When you ask, flat-out, what interests them about the position, listen carefully to their answer. Do they mention this seems like a place they can grow and make a difference? The fact that your mission statement aligns with their values and goals? Or do they focus only on what the position can do for them to advance their career/that it fits in well with their salary expectations? If you’re getting the latter answers, you may well have someone who’s using you as a stepping stone.
  • Ask about other employers. Finding out why a candidate left a prior position will give you great insight as to how they value loyalty. How do they talk about their decision to leave? What was the decision based on? Do they bad-mouth their previous employer? Seek out the candidate who couldn’t resist a better opportunity but thought carefully about what it would mean to leave their current job in terms of leaving colleagues and clients. That sort of care for who they leave behind indicates true loyalty.

Once you’ve found that loyal candidate, do what you can to keep them loyal to you. And if you want help finding your next great hire, visit PrideStaff, known for commitment to its clients.