You’ve been trying to find a job forever, and in California, it’s certainly not easy. You’ve put your resume out on every job site, tried all your contacts, and only got a few nibbles. Maybe it’s time for a new strategy, one that doesn’t involve you doing all this work by yourself.

  • Find a recruiter. One of the best things about recruiters? They tend to focus on certain industries, so you can likely find one in your niche. And they have the inside track on jobs that aren’t on the average job website, so you’re more likely to find something suited to your experience and needs, rather than fighting with 300 other applicants for a job that’s not quite what you want. In fact, employers tend to use recruiters specifically to fill their higher positions, promoting those jobs to recruiters to find the best talent. Start your search by asking your most senior contacts who they use.
  • Build a relationship. Once you find the best recruiter for you, be as active with them as you can. The most successful recruiters know their candidates well and can pass that knowledge on to potential employers as they look to make a match. Be open with your recruiter about what you want, your experience and what you’re willing to do. Plus, the recruiter wants to make a good impression to the employers they work with, and a candidate who’s actively involved in their job search looks like an eager employee to the recruiter’s client (and your potential future employer).
  • Know you’re working with professionals. A recruiter’s very job depends on helping you find one of your own. They want you to find a position almost as much as you do. With a quality firm like PrideStaff Thousand Oaks/Ventura County, this goes way beyond earning a fee from the employer they connected you with; they value doing their best work to help connect their candidates with their clients. As such, they have a wealth of knowledge as to how to help you with everything from cover letters to interviews and everything in between, including advice and tips on how to put your best foot forward.

The job market in CA isn’t easy to manage, so work with a recruiter to make that a little easier. And if you want to work with the best, contact the staffing professionals at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks Ventura County.

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