Writing Effective Job Descriptions

The last time Initech did their hiring, they wanted to find someone for a higher management position. However, the posting didn’t specify exactly what sort of experience they wanted, nor did it list all the job duties well, so they ended up sifting through hundreds of applications sent in by underqualified candidates who would have been way over their heads and received few from the talent they truly wanted. When you want the best, you have to make it easy for them to find you. A tight job description starts that process.

  • Work with a staffing partner. Staffing agencies such as PrideStaff allow you to create a relationship with them and get to know you … and your hiring needs. As such, they will sit down with help you create a detailed profile of your business and what you want in your next hire. As you build the relationship, the staffing professionals will also be able to better anticipate your hiring needs. Above all, they’ll help you write a job description designed to focus on bringing in the top talent in your industry — and may have just the right candidate in mind.
  • Avoid sounding gimmicky or unrealistic. First, using buzzwords such as “rock star” or “guru” don’t belong in a job description, nor will the serious candidate search for these sorts of terms. If you want someone who will take the job seriously, take the description of that job seriously as well. Leave the catchy stuff for the lighter side of your social media sites. In addition, create a job description that sounds legitimately doable. If it essentially describes the work of three people, you’ve put out a search for a job that no one person will ever fit. If possible, have someone who has done the job before vet the description before sending it out.
  • Make it detailed. A common frustration among job candidates? Postings that leave them guessing. So, take some time to list what duties this person will perform, who they’ll encounter on a regular basis, daily responsibilities, how the position connects to the company and what makes your company stand out beyond other competitors. Regarding numbers, specify the preferred years of experience and give a salary range, so qualified candidates know it’s worth their while to pursue.

Doing all this legwork before even posting a job description will save you time in the end and get you closer to the best fit, as well as attract the top talent you seek. Working with a recruiter partner like PrideStaff Thousand Oaks Ventura County will only increase your chances of creating the best possible job description and finding the candidates you want.