Selling Isn’t Just Up to the Candidate

When putting together an interview, remember it’s not just the candidate “selling” themselves to you; you have a need to fulfill as well, and if you have someone you think will fit the job perfectly, you have a responsibility to “sell” the company as well.

  • Mention the perks. This goes beyond salary — and many of today’s employees, especially millennials, would prefer a lower salary with better benefits if it improves their quality of life. So, bring up anything you offer that could make you more attractive to a potential employee such as pension contributions, annual leave, childcare vouchers, a Flexible Spending Account, gym passes or other discounts. You may also want to mention any bonus or incentive plans that may sweeten the pot.
  • Focus on cultural fit. Employees want to work at a place that fits their personality — and employers have found that great cultural fit often yields better results than hiring someone with more experience but trouble fitting in. Talk to the candidate about the work environment, leadership, daily office routines and special rituals, focusing on the overall employee experience. Basically, make it a place they will want to come in and contribute to daily because of the atmosphere, not just the paycheck.
  • Have a real conversation. We’re all so used to the canned interview, the anticipated questions and answers. When you have a candidate you truly want to court, turn an interview into a conversation that allows each side to show some personality while getting to know each other and seeing if the employer-employee fit works. Sitting down with a cup of coffee may seem like a risky investment, but if you want this person on your team, the effort will make it worthwhile. Candidates want to be heard and have an interviewer feel interested in them beyond the resume and cover letter; a true conversation accomplishes that and sends positive signals.

If you want the candidate to buy into your company, you have to make the effort as well. To find your next great candidate and sell them on your company, work with the experienced recruiting professionals at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks Ventura County.