Four Reasons Why You’re Not Hearing Back After Submitting an Application

You applied for a position and feel pretty good about your potential for candidacy. A week goes by, then ten days…then two weeks. Why haven’t you heard anything? What does that mean? Did it get lost? Is this their way of saying, “Thanks, but no thanks”? As Tom Petty put it, “The waiting is the hardest part.” Read on for a few reasons why you might not have gotten a response.

  • You didn’t use keywords in your application or resume. Considering the average job opening receives about 200 applications, you have to make yours stand out in some way. Most online applications use software designed to pick out the resumes containing certain keywords found right in the job description. So when putting your submission together, make sure to optimize it using those keywords straight from the description. 
  • You’re just not qualified. As much as this hurts, if the position requires three to five years of direct sales experience and you’ve got a six-month internship under your belt, your growth potential just might not be enough to get you an interview. Aim high but remain realistic to avoid disappointing yourself. And if you really wanted the job, see what you can do about getting experience through temp work through a staffing agency (like PrideStaff).
  • Your resume doesn’t align with your online profile. A majority of the time, a potential employer will look at your professional social profile. Avoid any and all discrepancies by updating both regularly (and at the same time) and make sure all dates, titles and additional information are accurate. And above all, avoid padding either one — all job history should be verifiable.
  • You have no personal connections. For better or worse, employers often prefer to hire candidates they know in some way. You may have the best resume out there and a stellar background, but if ten other people have those same qualifications, the person who networked and can have someone personally verify them will probably get the interview. So see what you can do to find a mutual connection who can introduce you or who’s willing to vouch for you as an employee.

Don’t let lack of response get you down. Keep plugging away with your applications and contact the recruiting experts at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks to find your next great position.

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