4 Hiring Resolutions for 2016

As you move toward 2016, one resolution to make and keep is to take a more strategic approach to staffing in the coming year. Begin now and you won’t have to scramble once January comes around – you’ll be ready to hit the ground running and tackle any challenge with the best possible candidates.

What issues must you prepare for?

Unanticipated needs. As a professional who’s been in business for some of time, you know from experience how much things can change from year to year. For example, Social Media Manager is one of the hottest job titles – one that was unheard of ten or even five years ago. What are the hot new jobs your firm must prepare for? Resolve to keep up with industry publications and insights to stay ahead of demand and beat your competitors to top talent.

Unexpected attrition. In a strong job market, it can be tough to hold onto talent. Surveys show that 51% of employees are either watching the job market or actively looking. The most talented people are often the ones most likely to look to advance their careers. They are among the most expensive to replace – up to three times their salary for higher level employees. Build a culture that prioritizes growth and development for your employees to ensure that your top employees’ next career moves occur inside the company.

Unclear priorities. When creating a job description, seek input from all stakeholders. Winnow down this wish list to identify the most important qualities and skills to seek in candidates A clear job description, written in an appealing style and focused on what candidates are looking for, will attract the best people. So take some time to look at each position and what’s needed so you can find the best possible candidate for the job. Only by identifying your priorities can you make the right hiring decisions for your organization.

No recruiting resources. Finding new people to add to your business takes more time, energy, expense, and overall stress than you expect. With multiple priorities to focus on, you may find your resources stretched pretty thin. If you need someone who can fully devote themselves to identifying, sourcing and screening talent, consider partnering with a staffing firm that understands your industry. Recruiting is their only priority and where their expertise lies. Delegate your recruitment process to a partner you can trust for better hiring results and focus in 2016.

Go into the New Year ready for any hiring needs – and let a quality staffing firm like PrideStaff Thousand Oaks make 2016 your best hiring year yet.