Why “Good Enough” Isn’t

Of course you want to fill vacant positions as quickly as you can; an unfilled position means more work for the other employees as they scramble to do their own work and that of the missing employee. It can feel like trying to use a chair with one of the legs missing: functional but not quite balanced. But before you put someone in there to “make do,” consider looking for the part—or person—that will best fit. Making do often leaves you frustrated with the result.

  • They cost more money. In the end, an “average” employee will likely need more training, which means money out of your budget. And they tend to make more mistakes, leading to rework costs (not to mention frustration from your customers). Consider this as well: Hiring a mid-level manager for 2.5 years, offloading that person, and hiring someone else can cost around $840,000 after taking in the costs of onboarding, compensation, severance packages, and the like.
  • They take a toll on morale. The “good enough” employee too often becomes a drain on other, superior employees who have to carry them, thus causing frustration and stress, leading to decreased productivity. And if your customers believe you hire people who do sub-par work, they may decide to take their business elsewhere, hitting your budget and your team’s morale. You and those who work with the mediocre employee shouldn’t have to constantly wonder if he’ll do his job.
  • Consider using temporary help. As you look for that top candidate, consider working with a staffing agency like PrideStaff to find a quality temporary hire or skilled contract worker. This way you don’t have to worry about the position remaining vacant or rushing to fill it. And in using a staffing agency, you’ll get vetted candidates, one of whom may become your next hire.

Hiring a mediocre candidate can become a case of hiring in haste and repenting at leisure. Look at all your options and don’t rush to fill a spot just to have someone there. Consider the long-term effects of an average hire and take the time to find the best candidate. For help with hiring, reach out to the experienced staffing team at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks.

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