What Does Your Online Reputation Say to Candidates?

Job seekers know that they need to have a strong online presence and use it well, but what about the employer and the company’s presence on the Web? Bear in mind that the Internet face you present to candidates can attract or keep away the talent you want. Read on to learn some tips about how to create a strong online presence to excite quality candidates about working for you.

  • Keep social media current. Neglecting your social media presence is worse than not having one. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn can all be valuable business tools if you use them wisely. Communicate with potential employees, talk about interesting projects your company is working on and show that you are active in the community. Regular social media interaction demonstrates that your company is responsive, engaged and up-to-date. Considering that Facebook users number in the billions and Twitter had 255 million users as of April 2014, why not use that instant access to your advantage?
  • Create an inviting website. Like your social media presence, keep your website current with news of company happenings and latest innovations and changes. Look at your Career page (make sure you have one) – would it pull in a top candidate? Does it simply list open positions, or does it also tell about company culture and the benefits of working there? The Careers page is essentially an advertisement for your company, so make it one that good candidates will want to explore further.
  • Maintain a company blog. Want to give candidates an inside look into company culture? Create a blog and keep it updated. Publish your blogs to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to drive traffic back to your website. Feel free to mix it up a little to keep your blog fresh and generate interest. If this week’s blog features resume tips, make next week’s about a charity run or the latest industry developments. Demonstrate to candidates that you are engaged in the community and the industry. It will give them a little insight into your corporate culture and hopefully reveal a team they’d love to be a part of.

If you want to bring in the best candidates, you have to present the best possible face to them. Using your online presence helps a candidate see who you are as a company – and why they should want to become a part of it. Reach out to the expert Thousand Oaks recruiting team for more tips on managing your online reputation and attracting top talent!