The Most Inspiring Podcasts for Business Owners

When you see the statistics on the number of new companies that fail, you’ll probably agree that business owners need coaches to help them succeed. But how can you afford the time or money necessary to get the business guidance you need in the first few years of a new venture? There’s one resource to consider that can answer this dilemma: Podcasts. This blog shares some of the most inspiring podcasts for new business owners to give you the advice you need without breaking the bank or sucking away too much time.

Top Business Podcasts for 2023

Today there are around 3 million active podcasts. Finding the right one can be frustrating if you don’t have time to waste. That’s why we’ve picked out seven of the most insightful and potentially useful podcasts to help you succeed in your business. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a new entrepreneur, this list is for you.

1. NPR’s Planet Money
is a quirky, fun show that takes almost any topic and examines its economic relevance and the potential effect on your life and business.

2. How I Built This is another podcast on NPR with a different focus from Planet Money. Instead of exploring things like the true economic cost of companies that offer free donuts (a real Planet Money topic), How I Built This interviews the founders and makers that take startup companies and make them successful. Great fodder for new entrepreneurs from people that have been there, done that.

3. Mixergy Startup Stories, like How I Built This, offers real-life, real-time stories from new business owners. There’s huge value in learning from the mistakes they made, the tools they used, and the lessons these entrepreneurs learned at the beginning of their businesses.

4. HBR IdeaCast is a smart show from even smarter people. Of course, it is—HBR stands for the Harvard Business Review. Far from being just pure theory, though, this podcast offers some actionable insight on tough topics like risk, collaboration, and finding talent.

5. Beyond the To-Do List tackles the great truth of startups: How do you see the forest for the trees? The writers on this program instinctively understand that when your head is in the weeds with daily tasks, and you need some wisdom and insight to help you plan. This podcast may be exactly what you need.

6. Stanford Innovation Lab, like HBR IdeaCast, is a widely-consumed and respected podcast series that interviews some of the most up-and-coming thinkers in today’s startup community. From ethics in entrepreneurship to business creativity to what’s happening in the venture capital community, this podcast intersects big ideas and their impact on entrepreneurs.

7. Laura Vanderkam’s Before Breakfast is for the truly time-hungry business owner. Got five minutes? You can squeeze in Before Breakfast with this truly bite-sized (5-minute) podcast. Laura answers real questions from listeners about how to get more done in their day. Highly recommended!

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