Is it True That Working with a Recruiter Will Drastically Reduce My Time to Hire?

The average time to hire in 2022 is 41 days. For some professions, such as IT, that number is higher. Ask any recruiter or hiring manager and they’ll tell you that hiring is hard no matter what the job is. Most companies today have developed some kind of a relationship with a staffing agency. If you ask them, they’ll probably say a staffing firm saves them time, money, and even cuts their time to hire. How does a staffing agency do it? What makes their claims that they’ll cut the time it takes you to find qualified candidates so real? In this blog, we’ll share some of the techniques that help a recruiting agency like PrideStaff fulfill their promises around the time to hire.

Why Does Time to Hire Matter So Much?

Here are three reasons why lowering your time-to-hire numbers is so important:

  1. Reducing your time to hire does more than alleviate the pressure your short-staffed employees feel when there’s a job opening that runs on too long.
  2. Reducing the time to hire does more than lower the costs of finding talent.
  3. What you may not realize, is that cutting your time to hire also benefits job seekers who are more likely to stay engaged with your brand during a shorter hiring process.

All three of these benefits help companies who can increase their speed of hiring. But how can companies cut their time to hire numbers? Most of them form new partnerships with staffing agencies to reduce their time to hire. But how do staffing agencies pull this off?

How Can a Recruiting Firm Cut My Time to Hire?

Staffing agencies simultaneously handle the recruiting efforts for dozens of firms with multiple job openings every day. How is it that they’re able to reduce the time to hire for all of these clients?

Efficiencies of scale.

Because recruiting firms do one thing—find talent—their processes are highly efficient. HR teams tasked with hiring are often handling multiple responsibilities such as payroll, training, and employee evaluations. A recruiting firm does one thing. This makes us incredibly efficient. Then, when you multiply these efficiencies by more than one recruiter, you start to understand why we help decrease your time to hire.

Better technology.

Staffing agencies like PrideStaff invest a tremendous amount into the best technology. From our applicant tracking system (ATS) to subscriptions to LinkedIn and other job boards, recruiting firms have the best tools with state-of-the-art automation to help us work smarter and faster.

Focus on passive candidate pipeline building.

Today, the best way to build a pipeline of high-quality talent is to work diligently each day on building your networks of passive candidates. Passive candidates are those that aren’t actively looking for a new role but are open to having a conversation with you to start to build a relationship. A recruiting agency like PrideStaff builds these pipelines for all kinds of jobs. That means, if you have an open position, we are more likely to already know someone who is a fit.

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