How Might I Save Money When Working with a Job Recruiter in Thousand Oaks?

When trying to hire, time is not your friend. The majority (70%) of the workers you’re trying to reach are passive, meaning you must take the initiative to reach them. But who has time to troll LinkedIn trying to find these great candidates? Staffing agencies do. PrideStaff in Thousand Oaks works hard all day long to find you passive candidates. It’s how we save you money and time during the recruiting process.

How Can a Staffing Agency Save You Money?

PrideStaff in Thousand Oaks saves our clients’ money by cutting down on the time they spend searching for and screening candidates.

The best candidates hide from you. It takes a full-time effort to ferret them out. The good news is that 87% of the people on LinkedIn are open to talking with you about new opportunities.

But finding those 87% is particularly hard for HR teams right now. HR teams are tasked with everything imaginable, from onboarding, employee discipline, training, payroll, compliance—and more. When the candidate market is tight, it’s easy to understand why you’re not meeting your hiring goals. You need a 40-hour week just to find and cultivate relationships with those passive job candidates who are already working for your competitors.

PrideStaff Thousand Oaks takes the tasks associated with recruiting and hiring off the plate of your overburdened HR team.

How Does This Save You Money In The Long Run?

Reduced time to hire

It’s expensive to keep a job open for a long period of time. A professional recruiting team spends all day finding high-quality job candidates. They often draw on this network to help cut down on the time it takes to fill a job.

Increased candidate pool

You’ll find a better quality candidate by focusing on the passive talent that’s out there. These are the candidates that everyone is competing for—remember, these candidates won’t normally apply for your job.

Less burden on your existing staff

Hiring faster means you’ll likely improve retention and increase worker satisfaction. When someone is missing from a team, the remaining players have to stretch themselves thin to cover for the missing worker. They may have to work overtime to get everything done. Instead, your recruiting team can find you the talent you need faster, so there are no more overtime or stressed-out workers. Could this help you retain your existing workforce longer? You bet it will.

Quicker Results

Better, more intelligent workflows streamline the hiring process. This saves you the time (and money) spent by your hiring teams on sourcing and screening time.

No need for advanced tools

You won’t need to buy an applicant tracking system or an expensive seat on LinkedIn Recruiter. The right tools for the job always come with a partnership with PrideStaff Thousand Oaks.

Less money is spent on staff training

Good recruiting teams work to find both the hard and soft skills you need so that every candidate can hit the ground running.

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