The Key to Effectively Managing Employee Time Off by Using Temporary Labor

Your employees need their time off. It’s good for their physical and mental health and in turn, it’s good for your productivity when they returned refreshed. At the same time, losing an employee for a week’s vacation puts a strain on the rest of the team. If you’re a small business, it could affect customer service or sales.

That’s where temporary labor can help. You can use temp workers to cover employee vacations and alleviate some of the burden associated with having your valuable worker gone for a short time. Here’s what you need to know about using temporary labor.

How Can Temp Staff Help Your Business?

If you have key frontline or back-office workers going on vacation soon, you’re in luck: The temporary staffing model can help you by:

  • Helping you maintain productivity. Your staffing agency can look for a temp worker with some of the same skills as the employee that’s on leave. When you find the right fit, it can have an immediate positive impact on the team and your business.
  • Minimize costs. You can use a temp worker instead of having your full-time teams work overtime. It saves them from burning out, too.
  • Improving employee morale. When one of your valued team members leaves, there is a big impact on the workload and potentially, the morale of the employees left behind. Adding a temporary staffer can support these workers in a way that shows them you care about their well-being and work/life balance.
  • Keeping your customers satisfied. How many times have you been frustrated when the valued worker helping you with a problem isn’t available? Your customers will thank you for providing them with a resource—no matter how temporary—until your employee returns.
  • Keeping workflows moving. There’s nothing like a bottleneck that comes from an employee who is missing for a time. In some businesses, this can be a huge concern. A temporary worker can ensure that orders don’t get backlogged or customers stay happier or even help your full-time workforce feel less overburdened.

Temporary employees are great resources for employers seeking to pick up the slack from an absent worker. But you don’t have to use temp workers just to cover for employee vacations, either. Generally, the benefits of temporary workers include:

  • Supporting existing staff and freeing them up to work on special projects.
  • Temporary workers are often easier to handle because the staffing agency employs them.
  • They are also less expensive than hiring in another full-time worker.
  • Temp workers are also easier to find these days than full-time workers. Staffing agencies like PrideStaff keep networks of these contractors on hand and are able to work on your behalf should the need arise.

If your company hasn’t considered the benefits of hiring temporary workers, maybe now is the right time. We know hiring isn’t easy these days, and the turnover is high for most companies. PrideStaff Thousand Oaks offers our clients a ready-made pool of workers in a turnkey operation that handles hiring and placement, payroll, and more. If you’re worried about losing a valued employee to vacation, maybe it’s time to talk with our team about how skilled but temporary labor is a viable option to support your business.