Can a Recruiter Really Help You Earn a Higher Weekly Paycheck?

Earn More by Working with a Recruiter

Some job candidates look at all of the recruiters reaching out to them on LinkedIn with suspicion. Can a “headhunter” really find me a job? The reality is that some recruiters are better than others. Some are even more honest than others. But if you can find a recruiter that believes in your work ethic and candidacy for the job, they are like a secret weapon you carry into your job search. If you’re wondering the answer to the question, “Can a recruiter help me get a higher salary?” The answer is unequivocally: Yes.

How Can a Recruiter Help You Make More Money?

The reason you should work with a good recruiter is simple math. Recruiters want you to land a job and like it enough to stay because that’s how they get paid. Most staffing agencies pay recruiters a salary and bonus based on a percentage of the salary you receive. The math is simple in most cases; the higher you’re paid, the higher the recruiter’s commission.

We should mention what may be obvious here; the employer pays the commission when you are hired, you do not. You should never have to pay a recruiter a fee to represent you. Too, the recruiter’s services are completely confidential.

That means that the recruiter can help you:

  • Improve your resume.
  • Represent you to top employers.
  • Prep you for the interview.
  • Help you negotiate salary.
  • Help you land the job offer.

All of these services are free of charge to you, the candidate. If you can connect with a good recruiter, they end up doing a lot of the time-consuming legwork that comes with a job hunt. This saves you an enormous amount of stress and time. You show up for the interview and the recruiter will literally do the rest of it.

The benefits of working with a recruiter include:

  • A better range of opportunities, many of which aren’t even advertised on job boards.
  • Saves time by providing you with expert advice instead of a trial and error job search process.
  • Increased visibility with employers that you’ve been trying to open the door to but haven’t found a way in.
  • A leg up to find out what’s motivating the employer to make the hire.

Good recruiters, however, also receive a sense of satisfaction from matching you with a job that you’ve been dreaming about. It’s very gratifying to help people, and recruiters are in the business to do exactly that.

Finding a good recruiter can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack because in this job market, there are plenty of hungry recruiters looking for top talent. If you select the “open to work” button on LinkedIn you can be inundated with requests from recruiters and it’s hard sometimes to know who to work with.

We’d like to introduce you to the PrideStaff team. Our efforts to match top employers with the best talent the industry has to offer has proven our integrity, our drive, and our success. If you’re considering working with a recruiter, send us a resume and let us prove how a partnership with PrideStaff can help you land a bigger paycheck every time.