Improve Your Hiring Process with These Three Simple Yet Effective Tips

The hiring process is complex and never easy but, in this market, an ineffective hiring process can even lose you candidates. If the average length of the hiring process is 36-days, that gives other employers an entire month to steal your candidate away. How can your organization improve your hiring efforts by streamlining the processes and creating a better experience for the candidate? Are there other ways you can improve? Here are three tips that will help you build a better hiring process in your organization.

Tip 1 Improve the Job Description

Most job descriptions do not adequately reflect the work or the culture. How can you start your recruiting process off on the right foot by creating a better job description? Consider these LinkedIn statistics to help tailor your next job ad:

  • Shorter ads are more likely to be read. Shorter posts receive an 8.4% higher application rate over longer posts.
  • Do post your salary range; 61% of candidates say it is the most important part of the ad.
  • Make sure your language isn’t too masculine or ageist. The data shows words like “rock star,” “aggressive,” and “outspoken,” turn off women from applying. Men apply to ads that use this language 13% more than women do.
  • If the tone of your ad doesn’t match your culture, candidates will be two to four times less likely to apply.

Tip 2 Move Faster

The data tells us that the best candidates are off the market in 10-days. If your hiring process runs the average, at 36-days, what are the chances that someone will steal away your talent? Organizations seeking to improve their hiring process should consider:

  • Using automation to speed up their hiring process.
  • Adding a recruiting coordinator (or several) to help the recruiting team with time-consuming tasks like scheduling interviews. Note that good applicant tracking systems can help with this, as well.
  • Set a goal of reviewing resumes within 24-hours of their posting. While this isn’t always possible, try to tighten the time it takes between the resume review and first interview.
  • Make sure your recruiting team understands everything they need to know about what you’re looking for before the job opens.
  • Create seamless channels between key hiring decision makers and the recruiting team.

Tip 3 Improve Your Interviews

First, consider shortening the interview process by subjecting the candidate to one panel interview instead of multiple individual meetings. Second, train your interviewers by helping them with key questions that discern whether the candidate is a fit. Don’t assume your hiring managers know how to interview well, either. Level the playing field by providing your teams with the key skills they need to conduct effective interviews.

One of the best approaches you can take to improve your hiring process is to work with the team at PrideStaff. We are professionals at sourcing, interviewing, and hiring. Partnering with our team allows us to pre-screen candidates so that only top talent reaches your hiring managers. It saves you a lot of time and can cut down on bad hires as well as improve your time to hire. Talk to our team to find out how we can improve your hiring process.