Ready to Take the Next step in Your Career? A Recruiter Can Help!

Partnering with a Recruiter | PrideStaff Thousand Oaks

It should be easy to find a great job in today’s candidate-driven market, right? Well, not necessarily. There are many jobs available right now. But are they good jobs? How will you know? After all, there’s a reason why there’s a vacancy the employer is trying to fill, right? Then there is the application process. Do you really need to write another cover letter? Do you need to re-tool your resume again? Not if you’re working with a recruiter.

The job search can be risky and exhausting. Recruiters can help. Here’s how.

How Can Recruiters Help Your Job Search?

If you can find a recruiter that wants to represent you to employers it’s like winning the lottery. Recruiters are heavily networked with top companies who are looking for talent like you to fill their open roles. It doesn’t matter if you want a contract job or a full-time career; recruiters have connections to both. Here are seven things a professional recruiter can do right now to speed and streamline your job search:

  1. Recruiters represent you to employers. They know the local market or companies that are looking for remote workers. Good recruiters know which jobs are opening even before they’ve made it onto a job board. They know what employers really want and if you have it, all you have to do is sit back and let the recruiter pitch you initially to the employer. Then you come in and interview with the employer already primed.
  2. Recruiters get to know what you want. This is particularly helpful if you’re looking for a particular type of job with specific salary expectations. The recruiter will then hunt down the right job to best fit the goals and priorities you have.
  3. Recruiters save you time. These professionals often represent more than one employer at a time. It’s a very efficient process for you. By reaching out to one recruiter you potentially access several hiring managers from multiple companies.
  4. Recruiters help you jump the line. If you have a recruiter representing you it’s like a VIP pass at the theme park—you automatically become the preferred candidate over all the other candidates that went through the normal application process. You can skip writing a cover letter or even sending a resume to the company website. The recruiter becomes your cover letter by representing you to the company.
  5. Recruiters give you the inside track on what company culture is really like. They can share behind-the-scenes details that you simply won’t have access to if you’re the outsider candidate looking in.
  6. Recruiters can provide you with solid advice for a better interview. After all, the recruiter wants you to do well. Look to your recruiter for details on what the hiring team is looking for during the candidate interview.
  7. Recruiters can negotiate your salary with the employer. Unless you’re a highly experienced candidate, you may find the salary negotiation process quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, seasoned recruiters can handle these tricky monetary discussions on your behalf.

If you’re searching for qualified, ethical, well-connected recruiters, look no further than PrideStaff. We work closely with the best candidates and top employers to create the perfect match. Contact us to talk about your options.