How to Show Your Boss You Have the Right Leadership Skills

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Impressing your boss is key to your success. This is true in most jobs. Showing your boss you have what it takes to be a leader can help you move up the ladder and even play a role in your job security. But how can you show your boss you have the right leadership skills even if you’re not in a managerial role? We have some tips that can help you stand out.

How to Prove You are a Leader

The first step to prove you’re a leader is to act like one. Think about how you like to be managed. Usually, the answer to this question is not to have a dictatorial manager that rules with micromanagement and negativity. So, you can apply this to how you behave in the job setting to show your employer that you’d not be that kind of manager. Be enthusiastic, positive, and hardworking, which is exactly the kind of manager you’d like to work with, right? Don’t gossip or tear down others. Do the job well, help out your teammates, and have a positive attitude, which are qualities of a person with true leadership potential.

You can prove you’re a leader also by talking less and listening more. You may feel the need to become the pack leader by talking your way to the top. But nobody likes a blowhard. Instead, be quietly competent, making yourself indispensable to your team and your boss. Listen to other people on the team and be receptive to their feedback and ideas. This will show that you are respectful and collaborative, which again, are great leadership qualities.

Do your fair share to support your team and the work you’re doing. Help others out if they need it. Get to work a little early and even stay a little later if it’s needed and if your life situation allows it. Leading by example means that your team, and your boss, will notice the time you’re putting in and how you’re working hard to make a difference from a productivity standpoint. Take responsibility and ownership of the product deliverable. Pride of ownership means you’ll do what’s necessary to hit your production numbers or will make valuable suggestions about problems that could be corrected. In short, you need to show that you care about the job, the company, and the people around you; which is exactly what the best leaders do every day.

You can also illustrate your leadership chops by taking on small projects outside the scope of your normal duties. If you’re trying to illustrate your leadership potential, consider trying new things or taking on new tasks that help you learn different parts of the business. The more you work, and the more you know, the more you’ll look like the leader you’re trying to be.

Being a leader can be a self-fulfilling prophecy at many companies. You can “fake it till you make it,” with the goal of a promotion into leadership.


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