How Temporary Workers Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Temporary and contract workers play an increasing role in American businesses. Today there are more than 16 million contract, temporary, freelance, and consulting workers out there. How can your business benefit from temporary workers? Can they help you reach your business goals? If you’re thinking about hiring a temporary employee, this is the article to read. 

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers 

All companies benefit from temporary workers, but a small business particularly benefits from an “as-needed” workforce. Businesses grow when they hire more workers, but the problem lately has been some seriously fluctuating markets that add more risk than normal to the hiring process. How can you bring on more staff to take on more business when the market is like a roller coaster?  

Temporary workers take the risk out of hiring during uncertain times. A temporary worker can be a cost-effective replacement for employees who are out sick or are on maternity leave or even vacation. While this workforce may require a slightly higher salary or hourly rate over their full-time counterparts in your business, you do not have to offer the benefits that come with full-time positions. Some temporary agencies offer these benefits, so they accrue those added costs while still attracting a high caliber of candidates. 

Business is ever-changing, which makes hiring full-time workers increasingly difficult. If you hire full-time and the business takes an income dip, you have to face potential layoffs or other measures to balance profit and loss against your workforce. It’s a terrible position for any business owner to be in.  

 Temporary workers can help you meet your production goals even when they fluctuate with consumer demand. Temporary workers reduce your overall staffing overhead while still supporting your full-time workers with helpers so they don’t burn out.  

Another benefit is that the temporary worker is truly a “try it before you buy it” employee. You may opt to do a contract for a temp-to-hire worker, which gives you the option of bringing the person on full-time at the end of the contract. 

 Temp workers also allow you to bring in expertise that you don’t currently have on staff. One example of this is IT security to fill a short-term need. Some companies bring on warehouse workers during the holiday months for their e-commerce business. Other companies take on specific technology roll-outs and bring on temporary high-level help to ensure the process goes smoothly. Whatever your need, there is probably a temporary arrangement that could benefit your business. 

While hiring temporary workers won’t solve all of your problems, they are a good way to supplement your current staff without some of the risks associated with hiring full-time workers. Contract staffing firms typically find the candidates and then charge a fee when they are placed at your company. However, this balances well against the idea that you will not have to pay expensive benefits to the temporary employee and will likely save you money in the long run. 

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