What You Need to Know About Your First Temp Job

In a tough economy, temp jobs are the lifeblood for many job seekers. It’s hard to find full-time roles if you’ve been laid off or are a new graduate, so temp jobs can keep the income flowing while you search for the next big thing. If you’ve never had a temp job, this article will help give you some solid pointers on what you need to know about your first temp job. 

Tips for Temps 

The first tip is one we’d give for any job; make sure you get all the information you need before accepting the position. You may have been waiting for your assignment, so when you get the call, in your excitement, you might forget to ask the right questions. Get all the specifics about the assignment before accepting. This includes: 

  • The requirements of the job. 
  • The attire for the position. 
  • Who you will report to? 
  • How long is the job? 
  • What are the hours you’ll work? 
  • What is the location of the role? 
  • When and how are you paid? 

Be Prepared

Next, be aware that temp jobs are different from other types of positions. When you arrive your on the first day, it’s good to bring snacks, water, and lunch. Bring clothing layers just in case and a notebook and paper in case you need to write things down. Wear appropriate attire for the job and try to look nice but also fit for the role you’re doing. 

Know Your Environment

Try to become familiar with the work environment quickly. Ask good questions and pay close attention to learn the job quickly. The behaviors of the permanent employees may provide you with clues that you can apply to your own behaviors. Your goal is to fit in, do the job well, and be invited back. 

Connect with Coworkers

Connecting with your coworkers in these assignments is important. It’s a great way for you to network so don’t be too shy. Smile, make eye contact and introduce yourself while being friendly and helpful to your co-workers. Complete the tasks you’re given to the best of your ability and then ask for more with a great attitude and positive energy.  

Be Flexible

Things can change in an instant so try to be as flexible as you can. Some challenges may crop up; they may ask if you’ll work late or otherwise change your schedule. Also bring along the name and number of your staffing rep in case you have any issues. 

Get There Early

Just like any job, if you can get there a little early it will reflect well on your performance. Checkin at the front desk or with your supervisor. If you run into trouble getting there call the staffing agency right away. 

Temporary staffing provides a valuable service for both the employer and their employee. It’s a great way to earn income if you’re in-between jobs or transitioning from college into your career. Having a few tips to get you started in your first temp job will help you stay prepared from your first day on.  

Use a Staffing Agency

Throughout your temp job, your staffing agency team is standing by to help you succeed. If you need work, talk with Pride Staff. Our team can help you find your next career move, whether it’s a permanent or a temp job. Call now.