Can You Turn a Bad Interview Around?

Job interviews can give any candidate anxiety, but particularly now when the economy is struggling, and you may have more riding on this opportunity. There’s nothing like the sinking feeling you can get when you realize your face-to-face, video, or phone interview is faltering.

Instead of giving up, we have some tips that can help you recover and turn things around.

  1. Rephrase your answer. If you can feel the answer you’ve given wasn’t the right one, instead of giving in, fight back by addressing the issue. Don’t let your answer hang unattended out there; address it by pausing and saying that you don’t felt that answer adequately represented you. Ask for permission to rephrase your answer, and then give it another go. 
  1. Engage your interviewer by asking them questions. Remember that you are selling yourself. Don’t drone on and bore your interviewer. Instead, ask about the company and the position. Let the interviewer know you’re interested in the job. If you sense the interviewer is bored and very engaged in your candidacy, try to turn things around by trying to find out more about what the day-to-day duties will be like.
  1. If you’re asked a question you don’t know very much about, consider changing the topic around to one that you do. Try to highlight your strengths and share what you know on each question. It’s also okay to say that you don’t have experience with a particular skill set but then talk about a time when you had to pick up something new recently, how you did it, and what the result was. 
  1. If you get feedback that you are over or under qualified, address it on the spot. Employers may try to write you off. Understand that they’re likely worried you’ll leave the job in a month for something more appropriate. Explain why you’re interested in the job and how the employer can benefit from your expertise. 
  1. Ask for a short break to gather your thoughts. If you are really struggling during the interview, what about asking for a quick bio break to gather your thoughts. Walking to and from the restroom will get oxygen into your brain. Look in the mirror, splash water on your face, or give yourself a pep talk, but do something to get things back on track.
  1. Express your interest in the position. As a fallback, try to divert the conversation over why you are interested in the role and why you think you would be a very good fit. You don’t have to be coy; let the hiring team know that you are in it to win it—and you will knock it out of the park if they just give you a chance. 

If you’re struggling during the interview, perhaps the real problem is that the job isn’t the best fit. PrideStaff has positions available and we can help guide you through the interview process and into your next job. Contact us today to find out how we can help.