How to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Even if you feel like your workplace culture is a good one, there is always room for improvement. Whether you feel like your culture is crashing, or you just need a few tips to make things pop, we have some ideas that can help.

Understanding Culture and Why it Matters

Culture is a set of workplace values, beliefs, attitudes, and standards that make up a company and its employees. Your workplace culture can be the glue that holds up the stars in your organization, makes new ones, and it can attract top talent to your organization. A strong culture is a productive, diverse culture that can help your organization succeed.

What Makes a Good Culture? 

Different people will define a “good culture” in different ways, but we think the strongest cultures are ones where: 

  • Employees understand and support the mission and vision of the company. 
  • Employees trust management—and vise versa.  
  • Employees enjoy a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
  • Employers invest in their employees. 

But what can organizations do to build their culture, so all of these goals are a daily reality? 

Five Ways to Improve Your Company Culture 

  1. Start with your hiring process and find people that fit your organization. The cost of a bad hire is high, both financially and culturally, for your organization. Hiring for cultural fit is just as important as looking for the right skills to do the job. Build your corporate values into your search process and reap the benefits later.
  2. Build your corporate values into daily activities. Make your values come to life by living them every day in your organization. You can teach corporate values to new employees, build them into external messaging, and even use them to guide performance management. 
  3. Ask and respond to employee feedback. Having responsive management requires corporate leaders to step up their communication efforts with employees. Poll your employees regularly and respond to their suggestions positively and thoughtfully. 
  4. Build a diverse, rich culture that embraces difference as a strength within your organization. Research shows that diverse organizations are more productive. Use diversity as your superpower and it will help you attract better talent to your team.
  5. Work on changing your culture by defining the kind of culture you want. Then hire for those cultural attributes and promote leadership that believes in these values. Build discussions about culture into management and departmental meetings. 

Organizations can build new and strengthen old cultures, but it takes an effort by everyone in the organization. That makes sense because the people create a culture within your doors. PrideStaff can help you find the right employees to fit and help build a better corporate culture in your organization. Contact us and reach your hiring goals.