Soft Skills You Should Look for in Every Candidate

Here’s a controversial idea for hiring teams: Hire first for soft skills. Following a job description to the letter without understanding or measuring the candidate’s ability to mesh with your corporate culture is a mistake. Why? Because the hard skills, such as specific computer languages, or job-related experiences, can be taught. Instead, consider screening for these soft skills to find a better candidate for the job. 

Top 9 Best Soft Job Skills 

  1. Attention to detail means fewer mistakes and less time and labor costs. Finding candidates that exhibit this trait also means less frustration for managers. 
  2. Communication has long been a top skill that we all screen for. But communication requires the ability to both verbalize and what down what you’re trying to share, so make sure you screen for the ability to write in addition to talk and listen. 
  3. Creativity plays an important role in every job, from developer to project manager. It’s especially true now when budgets have been slashed, and workarounds are the norm. How creatively will your staff deal with challenges today, when the future is uncertain? Hiring creative employees at all levels will help your company stay innovative and agile.
  4. Critical thinking skills separate topend employees from all the rest. Understanding both the global picture and the minute details, while logically considering both is a key skill. 
  5. Dependability should be a standard trait to look for in any candidate. Loyal and hardworking, these employees are less of a flight risk and can be counted on to produce high-quality, on-time work as a standard part of their employment contract. 
  6. Leadership is an elusive quality, but an important one to look for in a job candidate. The best leaders can make tough decisions and keep pushing team members forward towards a goal. Hiring lower-line leaders means that you’re priming the pump with potential managers down the road, which is a win for your company. 
  7. Positive attitudes can be hard to find in the workforce today when so many have been laid off. Look for those workers that have managed to persevere despite the challenges they’ve faced. Just one employee with a negative attitude can carefully spoil an entire team, so screen for this attribute.
  8. Teamwork skills are invaluable, mainly if your team is working remotely. Hiring team players is like adding super glue to a remote team. Employees that exhibit these skills can listen, compromise, and encourage everyone to work together. Team players help projects go smoothly and improve company culture.
  9. Work ethic is a soft skill that every company should screen for. A candidate with a strong work ethic will go above and beyond to get the job done. They will reliably produce results and quickly become the bedrock of a well-functioning team. 

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