The Do’s and Don’ts of Video Interviewing

If you haven’t conducted a video interview for a job yet, don’t worry, you will. Even before the pandemic, employers were increasingly making use of the virtual interview model to find the best candidates. But if you’ve never participated in one, the idea can seem a little awkward. Here’s how you can prepare to nail your next interview on the big screen. 

Video Conferencing 101 

In this new COVID world, we’re living in the chance are high that you’ve conducted a Facetime or Zoom with a family member. The video interview is a bit less casual, but it uses the same kind of telecommunications technology to bring you together with an interviewer. While the video interview may have recorded questions where you answer them with no live interaction, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually be interviewed by a live recruiter or hiring manager or even a group of people.

Some of the basic rules of interviewing still apply in a video conference. Always research the company you’re interviewing for and come up with a list of questions about the role you’ve applied to. Always dress for success. Arrive on time and get plenty of sleep the night before so you feel and look your best. None of these things have changed. What’s different is the format or venue of the video conference.

Here are some tips:  

  • Set up the room where you’ll be on video. The space behind you should be neat and clean with nothing controversial on the walls, no strange books on the shelves, and certainly no dirty laundry basket in the corner. 
  • The room should be private without distractions. Ask your roommates to stay away and close your door so if the dog barks, at least it is muffled. 
  • Check your Internet connection and, if you can, pre-sign on to the conferencing platform where it will occur. Video takes a lot of bandwidth, so if you’re using your phone or a laptop, make sure the connection isn’t spotty.
  • Stay professional at all times. It may feel more comfortable because you’re in your home, but this isn’t a chat with your friends. Stay on point and on guard through the entire interview process. Don’t dress professional just from the waist up either, what if someone comes to the door and you have to get up? Even worse, you get up and forget you still have pajama pants on.  

It may be tempting to read off of a cue card or a written document, but this will look very strange to the people on the other side of the screen. If you’re worried, try doing a test where your friend interviews you on a Zoom chat to grow more practiced at using these tools. 

Once you’re ready to take on a video interview for real, call PrideStaff. We can help you find the job you’re looking for and set you up for success. Call on us and see how we can help. 

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