Cut Your Hiring Costs by Working With a Recruiting Firm

Recruiting and hiring are huge expenses for most companies every year. Even with the use of social media, advertising a job opening in the right places can be costly. Then there are the expenses of training and onboarding new hires—they can’t be expected to do what you want if you haven’t trained them. Even the most experienced hires still need indoctrination into your company culture and policies. And if you discover a few months later that you made a bad hire, you have to start that expensive process all over again. Here’s how you can cut your hiring costs by working with a recruiting firm.

They hire better

Recruiting firms are experts, probably with a lot of experience in your particular industry, so they know exactly what qualifications make a good hire. They’ve also been around the block, so they can read between the lines on resumes and in interviews and can screen candidates much faster than you can. Not to mention that they have access to a database of pre-screened job applicants and inactive candidates, meaning they can find more high-quality people than you can. Thus, they’re much more likely to make a good hire than you are.

They eliminate turnover

Because these recruiting experts are going to complete due diligence conducting background checks, checking references, and evaluating skills and qualifications, they won’t hire someone on your behalf that you’ll simply have to fire in a few short months. Instead, they’ll present you with top talent who will stay long-term and add value to your company.

They reduce training costs

Because the recruiting firm will likely use their database of skilled candidates with more experience, you’ll have access to candidates who’ve already gone through the lengthy and expensive training period—workers who already have the required skills and experience to get the job done.

They limit employee errors

When your current employees are overworked and stressed because they don’t have enough staff support around them, they’re more likely to make errors that cost your team. Or there might even be important tasks that are slipping through the cracks because your team is so overwhelmed. But when a recruiting firm helps you hire new experienced and qualified employees who can help support your current team, the chances of those errors being committed are suddenly very slim. Instead, you’ll have a competent, productive, efficient, and engaged team to help power your company toward sustainable growth.

They avoid overtime and benefits costs

If you use a recruiting firm to help you with temporary and contract staffing during your peak seasons, they absorb all the benefits costs themselves so you don’t have to take on those extra expenses by hiring new, permanent employees. You’ll also be able to avoid having to pay employees for overtime because you’ll have temporary employees who can take on those responsibilities.

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