The Benefits of Having Remote Employees

In a global economy where companies have clients and customers in many time zones, smart companies find ways to accommodate all of them. Add to that the desire to cut down on costs and overhead, and you’ve got a great recipe for adding remote employees to your ranks. In fact, 43 percent of Americans claim they spend some time working remotely. So how can it benefit you?

  • More part-time workers. Naturally you’ll need full-time employees, but using remote workers allows you to have more part-time employees to fill in the cracks, and it allows those who desire flexible schedules to have them. This also allows you to have a greater talent pool because you’re not hemmed in by geography. This, in turn, allows you to pay only for the work being done, cutting down on the costs of having a full payroll.
  • Less overhead, increased cash flow. When you don’t have to concern yourself with finding the office space necessary to house all your employees, that reduced overhead goes to the company. Plus, remote employees no longer need to worry about transportation costs or time. They work on their hours, where they want, thus increasing productivity. Everybody benefits.
  • An improved development team. Going along with the concept of saving money, if you put together the right team, you’ll be able to run things more cost-efficiently. Plus putting together a team from broader backgrounds allows for increased perspectives and the potential to have employees literally working 24-7, increasing your ability to accomplish your goals.

Remote employees can have definite benefits for your productivity, your quality of employee, and your bottom line. For advice on how to add remote employees to your company, work with PrideStaff.