How to Motivate Your Team

Even though we like to think of our employees as busy bees, always on the move and ready to do their work, sometimes people get unmotivated and morale gets low. While sometimes it has to do with something personal, the workplace atmosphere can have a negative effect. So, what can you do to get everyone re-energized and motivated again?

  • Make them feel like their work has purpose. Employees, especially the millennial generation and younger, want their job to feel like more than punching a clock and collecting paycheck. When the need for purpose and direction gets lost in the necessary daily grind, help workers find it again. Whatever they’re working on, find real-life examples that show how their efforts have made a change in someone else’s life.
  • Don’t wait. If you see an employee having a motivation or morale problem, address it as soon as possible rather than hoping it will just go away by itself. Unfortunately, too many HR departments ignore the problem, and this tends to increase it; worse, it may spread to others. Instead, take the employee aside when you’re feeling calm (instead of irritated) and get to the bottom of it so you can work out a plan together to improve performance and attitude.
  • Find the cause. Going along with above, it may be that this employee simply isn’t suited for the position. Thus, they might need more training. Perhaps you haven’t made your expectations entirely clear, so the miscommunication has led to frustration on both sides. See what changes the employee and you need to make.
  • Help develop the positive. This may come from showing them how their work positively affects others. You may want to shake things up by trying something new, such as friendly team competition with a prize at the end or have one department take another through their day so each can see how the other works, allowing them to connect more. And don’t forget to have fun every so often, whether it’s a game day together or allowing for the occasional day off.

Morale sometimes needs boosting for all of us. When you see your employees start to droop, give them the water, sunlight and attention in its various forms. For help finding your next great producer, work with PrideStaff.