How to Make Meetings More Productive

You’ve called a meeting and have multiple items on the agenda, but halfway through you’ve only discussed one of them. The meeting has now gone off course based on a miscommunication that needs clearing up. You don’t want it to go past the allotted time, but you need to get everything dealt with. How can you make things go more efficiently?

  • Do the prep. Set the meeting agenda and send it beforehand so everyone attending knows why they’re attending. If people know ahead of time whether they need to bring anything or if they’re in for a discussion they need to prep for, they’ll come armed and ready. This way you can save time going over the agenda in full when everyone arrives and get right down to business. Presenting the agenda ahead of time can also give those involved a chance to ask questions beforehand.
  • Know who needs to be there. We’ve all attended meetings filled with people, some of whom didn’t really need to be there. Make sure you have the right people there for the necessary reasons. Remember, you’re asking employees to give up their valuable time and energy to attend this meeting. Consider the subject of the meeting and make sure each person has a clear purpose to be there.
  • Make sure they’re the right length. If you’ve prepared, you should have a good idea of how long a meeting will take. At least you can keep things moving along to make sure the meeting doesn’t go over the time you’ve put aside. Additionally, make sure the agenda includes items that really do need addressing in person rather than in emails or phone calls. And if a meeting is slated for 60 minutes but wraps up effectively in less time, consider it a bonus.

Meetings can be the most effective when planned and executed well. For advice on the best employees to attend future meetings, work with PrideStaff.