Four Benefits of Outsourcing Your Talent Acquisition

Think about the last time you had to hire someone. It probably involved putting together a job description, having HR and other high-level people take the time to go through applications, narrow the hundreds down to the few, set up interviews, have interviews, make notes and discuss the interviews. All of this, while seemingly necessary, takes so much away from the average workday. But you must do it, right? Not necessarily. Outsourcing your search to local, specialized professionals allows you to save the hours, energy, and money — and find an employee who fits your needs.

  1. Efficiency. When you work with a staffing company whose sole job involves matching employees with employers, you give yourself a pool of qualified, vetted candidates right out of the gate, rather than spending time sifting through resumes and cover letters. Instead, you work with a staffing professional and customize your search according to your current priorities. Because they have a wide net of candidates already, they can more easily find the right person for your needs in much less time. And when it comes to your next hire, the staffing team will already have an idea of your business needs.
  2. Expense. So many companies spend thousands of dollars with the hiring process, including posting the position to job sites, recruiting, working with headhunters and even overtime for the employees who help with the actual process. And if they end up hiring the wrong person, that will include the cost of turnover. An agency like PrideStaff helps you avoid all that by streamlining the process for you, meaning less cost overall for you.
  3. Better candidates. As pointed out, a great deal of the stress of hiring includes going through quite a few inadequate candidates to find the better ones — and sometimes it feels as though you have limited choice even with them. Or you may find yourself hiring just to fill a position when you’re in a time crunch. Staffing professionals vet their candidates and work with them before even getting to a potential employer, so they can connect the best possible candidate with a company’s needs. Plus, a local agency will find you top local talent.
  4. Efficiency. One of the biggest frustrations for both candidates and clients? The time it takes to get in the door. The hiring process can take weeks, and in that time a quality candidate may lose interest and the company may lose money as the spot is left vacant (and other employees burn out taking on more work). Working with a staffing agency is like cultivating the ultimate Spotify playlist: Once you use the service enough and it knows your preferences, it will keep finding you what you want rather than you having to wade through a ton of choices that aren’t what you’re looking for.

Now that you know the benefits of outsourcing your talent acquisition, contact PrideStaff today to get yourself connected with the best in the hiring business.

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